Central School Of Ballet - Junior School


The timetable for 2018-19 Junior is now available to download

4.30-5.15pmLevel 1Kate SwainstonStudio 4
5.15-6.00pmLevel 2Kate SwainstonStudio 4
6.00-7.00pmLevel 5Kate SwainstonStudio 4
7.00 - 8.15pmLevel 9Kate SwainstonStudio 4

4.30 - 5.15pm

First Ballet

Anna Zammit Lupi

Studio 5
5.15-6.15pmLevel 4Anna Zammit LupiStudio 5
6.15-7.15pmLevel 6Anna Zammit LupiStudio 5
7.15-8.15pmLevel 7Anna Zammit LupiStudio 5

4.30-5.00pmPre-BalletKirsty PritchardStudio 4
5.00-6.00pmIntensive 1Kirsty PritchardStudio 4
6.00-7.15pmLevel 9Kirsty PritchardStudio 4

4.45 - 5.45pm

Intensive 2

Kate Swainston
Studio 5
5.45-7.00pmIntensive 3Kate SwainstonStudio 5
7.00-8.15pmIntensive 4Kate SwainstonStudio 5

4.30-5.30pmLevel 4Zoe EpsteinStudio 4
5.30-6.45pmLevel 8 (Group 2)Zoe EpsteinStudio 4
6.45-8.00pm16-18 yearsZoe EpsteinStudio 4


Level 3

Melanie Spraggs

Studio 5
5.30-6.45pmLevel 8 (Group 1)Melanie SpraggsStudio 5
6.45-8.00pmBeginners (12-16 years)Melanie SpraggsStudio 5

4.30-5.15pmFirst BalletKirsty PritchardStudio 4
5.15-6.00pmLevel 1Kirsty PritchardStudio 4
6.00-7.00pmLevel 6Kirsty PritchardStudio 4
7.00-8.15pmLevel 8 (Groups 1 & 2)Kirsty PritchardStudio 4


Level 2

Zoe Epstein

Studio 5
5.15-6.15pmLevel 3Zoe EpsteinStudio 5
6.15-7.15pmLevel 5Zoe EpsteinStudio 5
7.15-8.15pmLevel 7Zoe EpsteinStudio 5

4.30-5.30pmBoys 1 (8-10 Years)Philip PageStudio 5
5.30-6.45pmBoys 2 (11-13 Years)Philip PageStudio 5
6.45-8.15pmBoys 3 (12-16 Years)Philip PageStudio 3/5

Intensive Coaching is by written invitation only and subject to selected pupils attending both regular classes during the week.

Boys in Boys only classes will be placed in groups according to age and level of ability, the placement of groups is at Central School of Ballet’s discretion.

It is recommended that pupils attend two classes a week from Level 3 upwards.

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